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Moe Bridges Reverse Paint Water Lily Lamp

Moe Bridges Reverse Paint Water Lily Lamp

20" shade x 24" tall

  • Beautiful Rare Blue Lamp shade with water lilys, floating in a large body of water with sea grass and trees in the foreground.
  • Circa 1920's
  • One of the Best shade I have ever seen fantastic painting with loads of detail
  • The base is high quality brass base with factory matching blue paint.
  • Notice the Claw Feet Original Sockets pull chains with rare elongated ends pulls.
  • Original Heat Cap and Finial

Moe-Bridges Lamp Company

The Moe-Bridges lamp company was started in the early 1900"s by Henrik Moe and C. A. Bridges and located in Milwaukee with sales offices in 9 major cities. At that time was the largest manufacturer of high grade lighting in the country with over 200, 000 sq. Ft. Floor space. On March 23, 1923 George Ludwig with the company took out a patent. Moe-Bridges specialized in beautiful and popular reverse painted lamps with emphases on high quality. Designs on Moe-Bridges lamps often feature landscapes with forest or country scenes that typically include a water element. Perfection was paramount and no signature of guarantee tag was applied until each work of art passed a rigorous final inspection. In 1934 the company was purchased by the Electric Sprayit Co. Today the Moe-Bridges are highly collectable and fetch up to $10,000 at auction.

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